Meet Mike Westerling


Mike Westerling is a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast, with more than 30 years of experience as a strength coach and personal trainer.

Let’s cut to the chase… being fat friggen sucks!

It especially sucks for the 108 million Americans living in Fattyville, who are actively trying to lose weight this year by starving themselves with fad diets and exhausting themselves with cardio crazes, all to no avail.

Traveling the road that leads out of Fattyville is difficult. But simply finding that road can be harder still, and wrong turns can discourage even the strongest willed individual. It’s critical then, to ensure you are following a proven course for losing weight, rather than wasting your time, effort, and money on dead end diet fads and ineffectual cardio crazes, that take all you got, but get you nowhere.

So if you’re lost in Fattyville, but are trying to find your way out, this is for you. This is simple, time tested, and scientifically proven to burn fat and transform a body far better than any fitness routine built upon diet and aerobic exercise.