3 Simple Tricks To Losing Weight Fast!


Get stronger, leaner and more energized! My simple to understand techniques are easy to implement so you can start seeing results right away!


Quit wasting your time on BORING cardio machines! I can tell you, drawing on my 30 plus years working in the fitness industry, and backed up by hundreds of clinical studies, that cardio is not the most effective activity for losing weight.


TORCH Body Fat with specifically formulated and designed to shed fat. Join the challenge and start your journey today!

I am 42 years old and like I'm in my 20's again thanks to Coach Mike Westerling. I continue to feel stronger each day. A co-worker recently asked me to share "my amazing diet"... and he is now on it! - Victoria Plummer **

Victoria Plummer **

Mike Westerling have changed my and my wife's life for the better. Everything is set up to match the skill level that you are at right now. Don't watch the Crossfit Games and think that's how it is. Coach Mike will meet you where you are ability wise, and then make you better than you ever thought you could be.....if you just stick with it. It's one of my favorite parts of the day!

David Hoyt **

I've worked with and tried several different programs, and each time I thought 'holy crap, this is super hard so it must be good'... And each time those programs didn't work for me. The one style I thought I should be doing more is Mike Westerling and WP Weight Loss. It's the one that has consistently yielded results for me over and over again.

Marshall White **

I lost a ton of weight and felt absolutely incredible… high energy (did not feel lethargic), WODs felt great, did not have “sugar- cravings” My biggest takeaway from the Challenge with Mike Westerling is that of taking time to determine what my meals will be for the upcoming week! Ultimately, I enhanced the results of my WODs by eating right!

Brian Wiest **
Mike Westerling

Mike Westerling is a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast, with more than 30 years of experience as a strength coach and personal trainer.

Jolene Westerling

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